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December 7, 2012 / worldventuresblog

Tips for Networking Your WorldVentures Business During the Holiday Season



This is the time of year for us to do what we do best…Network! The holidays are here and a lot of people are going to cross your path over the next few weeks so how about a few tips on how to “network with a purpose”… Growth!

  1. Freshen up your WorldVentures presentations and social presence with a Holiday look and feel!
  2. Write a blog post about holiday travel tips. Surely you have learned a bunch of great travel tips that can help people out right? Remember…you are a traveler and you know more about this than 90% of the people out there. This will get people looking your way as a travel expert! (By the way, if you write this article please share it with us, we’d love to spread the word with you)
  3. Prepare a 30 second presentation that will roll off your tongue like butter and get it ready for all of the holiday events you will be attending. You will meet a lot of people during the Holiday season at various events and many of them will ask what you do.
  4. Holiday networking party – invite people from all areas of your life. Prospects, family, co-workers, WorldVentures teammate, friends, the “big fish” that you are scared to show the opportunity to, and so on! Mix, mingle and refresh relationships…you never know, you might just need your 30 second presentation here ; )
  5. Continue to showcase your lifestyle in Holiday fashion and watch for the questions about “what is it you do” to start rolling in around the new year, right when people are evaluating their life & financial goals. People are attracted to your type of lifestyle, believe me!
  6. Give yourself an extra month next year! Create goals & resolutions for 2013 in Dec of 2012 instead of waiting until January. Use December to launch your 2013 pace, hit Jan 1st with all balls in the air…off to a brilliant year

Remember…make the Holidays about family and friends first but when the opportunity arises, take advantage! Like we said, many of these people are going to evaluate their life and financial goals over the next 30 days. Remember…someone is going to tell them!

Call to Action: Please take a minute to comment below and share some of your tip/tricks/secrets for WorldVentures success during the Holidays. Thanks so much : )


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