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March 31, 2009 / worldventuresblog

WorldVentures News – March 31, 2009

Ever since the Convention, the energy has been electric in the field! We’ve had 10 days of phenomenal sales and it doesn’t show any sign of slowing down!

Have you watched WorldVentures Live?

If you log into your back office, you’ll find a new video is now playing in the media player! It’s the first-ever episode of WorldVentures Live, and is a video rundown of all the latest WorldVentures and Rovia News.

This first episode is naturally focused on the Convention but you can expect new episodes every few weeks as we continue to fine-tune the format. Give it a look and let us know what you think!

WorldVentures Live… We read the news, so you don’t have to!”

Dot Biz Content and Flow Updated

If you head over to the front of your .biz website, you’ll find some updates have been made to the content and flow of the site.

First, on button #1, you’ll now find an option for Closed Captioning! So if your prospects are hearing impaired, they can still get exposed to the business with this dynamic movie.

Second, the presentation on #2 has been updated and features President’s Advisory Council Member and WorldVentures Trainer, Dave Ulloa.

Also, under the Advanced Training button you’ll find new info about WorldVentures VT (the WorldVentures Virtual Trainer). And, under the About Us, there is now the Journey video under the heading Our Culture. It really spotlights how amazing and unique the WorldVentures Culture is and what an important part it plays in our company (The Answer movie is now under Button #3).

View and Journey Videos Updated

If you haven’t watched the incredible new promotional videos for Journey and A View From the Edge that were shown at Convention, go to their respective Event pages in the back office to watch them. They’re fantastic.

Speaking of Journey, it is almost sold out, so if you haven’t finalized your plans to be at this remarkable, life-changing week in Palm Springs this June, you should do so quick before it’s too late!


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