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March 19, 2009 / worldventuresblog

WorldVentures 2009 National Convention Recap

If you weren’t able to attend the WorldVentures 2009 National Convention, you missed the greatest event in WorldVentures history! But everyone will benefit from what came out of this amazing weekend.
Highlights included the most explosive promotion we’ve ever offered, new management tools that give your business better visibility, powerful messages from the founders, CEO, and President, Rovia updates, cowboys, disco dancing, live bands, costumes, sales tools, travel giveaways, world-class production, and thousands of cheering WorldVentures reps, friends and family sharing in the most exciting, informational, fun-filled weekend in company history.

For more details, listen to the Convention Recap Call in the media player on the Welcome page in your back office. Here’s a quick run down:

And speaking of cycle bonuses, during the promotion, all new Reps will earn double cycles for 60 days after enrollment. Also, the double cycle bonus for 3 or more in a week stays! All of this adds up to an amazing promotion that’s sure to help your team grow faster than ever and stay fired up well into the summer! All of the details can be found on the 2-for-1 Promotion PDF.

The Next Blitz is in Less Than Two Weeks!

The weekend of March 27th and 28th we’re bringing the Blitz back to the home offices in Plano, TX! This is a critical Blitz event as it will be the first since the launch of the 2-for-1 promotion and will absolutely help your team capitalize on this unbelievable deal. Expose them to the best and show them how easy this is. The Blitz model is the most easily duplicated means of getting people to see the value of our products and uniqueness of our opportunity. Your closing ratio will go through the roof! Don’t miss out, get signed up today to host a location and start inviting NOW! Plug into for all the details.

For the thousands who were able to join us for the 2009 National Convention, we’re excited that you could share this history-making weekend with us! Both nights ended on a high with the Wild Wild West Hoedown and 70s Disco Night parties and the pictures have started showing up on Facebook pages everywhere! And we’re already receiving feedback from the field echoing their enthusiasm for the new 2-for-1 Promotion and new marketing tools and trainings that were announced. So for those of you who couldn’t be with us, we’re sorry you missed out on this landmark weekend. We’ll be posting all of the details of the announcements, updates and new tools on a special 2009 Convention Recap page later today.


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