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December 7, 2012 / worldventuresblog

Tips for Networking Your WorldVentures Business During the Holiday Season



This is the time of year for us to do what we do best…Network! The holidays are here and a lot of people are going to cross your path over the next few weeks so how about a few tips on how to “network with a purpose”… Growth!

  1. Freshen up your WorldVentures presentations and social presence with a Holiday look and feel!
  2. Write a blog post about holiday travel tips. Surely you have learned a bunch of great travel tips that can help people out right? Remember…you are a traveler and you know more about this than 90% of the people out there. This will get people looking your way as a travel expert! (By the way, if you write this article please share it with us, we’d love to spread the word with you)
  3. Prepare a 30 second presentation that will roll off your tongue like butter and get it ready for all of the holiday events you will be attending. You will meet a lot of people during the Holiday season at various events and many of them will ask what you do.
  4. Holiday networking party – invite people from all areas of your life. Prospects, family, co-workers, WorldVentures teammate, friends, the “big fish” that you are scared to show the opportunity to, and so on! Mix, mingle and refresh relationships…you never know, you might just need your 30 second presentation here ; )
  5. Continue to showcase your lifestyle in Holiday fashion and watch for the questions about “what is it you do” to start rolling in around the new year, right when people are evaluating their life & financial goals. People are attracted to your type of lifestyle, believe me!
  6. Give yourself an extra month next year! Create goals & resolutions for 2013 in Dec of 2012 instead of waiting until January. Use December to launch your 2013 pace, hit Jan 1st with all balls in the air…off to a brilliant year

Remember…make the Holidays about family and friends first but when the opportunity arises, take advantage! Like we said, many of these people are going to evaluate their life and financial goals over the next 30 days. Remember…someone is going to tell them!

Call to Action: Please take a minute to comment below and share some of your tip/tricks/secrets for WorldVentures success during the Holidays. Thanks so much : )

October 23, 2012 / worldventuresblog

WorldVentures & Facebook: It’s a Team Sport

WorldVentures on Facbeook is like Lost, "live together, or die alone."On one of the early episodes of the TV show Lost, faced with the decision as to whether to stay on the beach in case help arrives, or move inland to find safer shelter, the survivors are split. As the two parties argue what to do, the doctor-turned-reluctant-leader Jack Shepherd sums it up, “Either we live together, or we die alone.”

It’s a bold statement, and clearly when it comes to Facebook and social media the stakes aren’t as high, but the main concept holds true: if we stick together and play team, we’ll all be more successful!

First Rule: Be Supportive
As you begin your journey with WorldVentures, you’ll find that more of your Facebook friends will include fellow Reps, either because pre-existing friends have come on board with your WorldVentures team, or because you’ve met other Reps at our training events, like A View From the Edge. This is fantastic because Facebook allows you to maintain stronger connections with your WorldVentures family.

With this increased connection, one of the best ways you can play team is to support the activities of your fellow Reps by interacting with the content they share. If someone shares excitement about planning their first DreamTrip, be sure to ‘Like’ it! If you’ve been there, add a comment with some tips or things to do. If someone earns their silver BMW, give them a shout out, or tell them you’re proud of them.

One of WorldVentures’ ten Core Values it “We are one big team.” So when you encourage and support the activities of your fellow Reps, you let them know they’re loved. Plus, it gives their posts more weight with Facebook (they use an algorithm called EdgeRank), so they’re able to reach a bigger audience!

Second Rule: Don’t Vomit WorldVentures
Now, when you’re engaging with other WorldVentures Reps’ content, you must be aware of the second rule. Whatever you do, don’t vomit “WorldVentures” all over your friend’s posts! When it comes to social media, the best approach is to use attraction marketing, that’s content that pulls people in and makes them ask questions. That means sometimes posts are somewhat non-specific.

If your buddy shares, “Love driving my brand new silver BMW, especially since I don’t have to pay for it!” the last thing you want to do is immediately comment “WORLDVENTURES ROCKS!” below it. Your friend is trying to create some mystery so her friends will ask questions, but if you spoil it, you’re hurting her effectiveness.

Third Rule: Don’t Steal Prospects
Finally, this one should be obvious, but it’s incredible how frequently we see it happen. It starts when your pal Mark posts a picture of himself on the beach with a note reading, “Wow, seventh vacation this year, I love my life!” Then, his friend Jessica comments “Your seventh?!? How the heck do you afford that?”

Woo-hoo, jackpot! This is the moment Mark’s been waiting for. Now he has the perfect opening to contact Jessica, meet for coffee, and share WorldVentures with her. Yet surprisingly, we often see other Reps either comment with, “Jessica, Mark’s a DreamTrips Member, you should definitely join us!” or even worse, “Jessica, I just sent you a direct message.”

This is a huge violation of social media etiquette. Trying to steal your friend’s friends out from under them is like cutting in on a guy’s first dance with his girlfriend. It’s a big no-no. Anyone who posts a question on Mark’s picture is a lead for Mark to follow up with. You have to be respectful of that relationship and Mark return the favor.

Just follow these three rules and we’ll all have more success!

For more training tips and great content, check out WorldVentures on WordPress.
And of course, connect with us at

March 31, 2009 / worldventuresblog

WorldVentures News – March 31, 2009

Ever since the Convention, the energy has been electric in the field! We’ve had 10 days of phenomenal sales and it doesn’t show any sign of slowing down!

Have you watched WorldVentures Live?

If you log into your back office, you’ll find a new video is now playing in the media player! It’s the first-ever episode of WorldVentures Live, and is a video rundown of all the latest WorldVentures and Rovia News.

This first episode is naturally focused on the Convention but you can expect new episodes every few weeks as we continue to fine-tune the format. Give it a look and let us know what you think!

WorldVentures Live… We read the news, so you don’t have to!”

Dot Biz Content and Flow Updated

If you head over to the front of your .biz website, you’ll find some updates have been made to the content and flow of the site.

First, on button #1, you’ll now find an option for Closed Captioning! So if your prospects are hearing impaired, they can still get exposed to the business with this dynamic movie.

Second, the presentation on #2 has been updated and features President’s Advisory Council Member and WorldVentures Trainer, Dave Ulloa.

Also, under the Advanced Training button you’ll find new info about WorldVentures VT (the WorldVentures Virtual Trainer). And, under the About Us, there is now the Journey video under the heading Our Culture. It really spotlights how amazing and unique the WorldVentures Culture is and what an important part it plays in our company (The Answer movie is now under Button #3).

View and Journey Videos Updated

If you haven’t watched the incredible new promotional videos for Journey and A View From the Edge that were shown at Convention, go to their respective Event pages in the back office to watch them. They’re fantastic.

Speaking of Journey, it is almost sold out, so if you haven’t finalized your plans to be at this remarkable, life-changing week in Palm Springs this June, you should do so quick before it’s too late!

March 19, 2009 / worldventuresblog

WorldVentures 2009 National Convention Recap

If you weren’t able to attend the WorldVentures 2009 National Convention, you missed the greatest event in WorldVentures history! But everyone will benefit from what came out of this amazing weekend.
Highlights included the most explosive promotion we’ve ever offered, new management tools that give your business better visibility, powerful messages from the founders, CEO, and President, Rovia updates, cowboys, disco dancing, live bands, costumes, sales tools, travel giveaways, world-class production, and thousands of cheering WorldVentures reps, friends and family sharing in the most exciting, informational, fun-filled weekend in company history.

For more details, listen to the Convention Recap Call in the media player on the Welcome page in your back office. Here’s a quick run down:

And speaking of cycle bonuses, during the promotion, all new Reps will earn double cycles for 60 days after enrollment. Also, the double cycle bonus for 3 or more in a week stays! All of this adds up to an amazing promotion that’s sure to help your team grow faster than ever and stay fired up well into the summer! All of the details can be found on the 2-for-1 Promotion PDF.

The Next Blitz is in Less Than Two Weeks!

The weekend of March 27th and 28th we’re bringing the Blitz back to the home offices in Plano, TX! This is a critical Blitz event as it will be the first since the launch of the 2-for-1 promotion and will absolutely help your team capitalize on this unbelievable deal. Expose them to the best and show them how easy this is. The Blitz model is the most easily duplicated means of getting people to see the value of our products and uniqueness of our opportunity. Your closing ratio will go through the roof! Don’t miss out, get signed up today to host a location and start inviting NOW! Plug into for all the details.

For the thousands who were able to join us for the 2009 National Convention, we’re excited that you could share this history-making weekend with us! Both nights ended on a high with the Wild Wild West Hoedown and 70s Disco Night parties and the pictures have started showing up on Facebook pages everywhere! And we’re already receiving feedback from the field echoing their enthusiasm for the new 2-for-1 Promotion and new marketing tools and trainings that were announced. So for those of you who couldn’t be with us, we’re sorry you missed out on this landmark weekend. We’ll be posting all of the details of the announcements, updates and new tools on a special 2009 Convention Recap page later today.

March 11, 2009 / worldventuresblog

Last Minute Checklist for the 2009 WorldVentures National Convention

On your mark, get set – and GO to the 2009 WorldVentures National Convention!

So are you all packed and ready to go to the 2009 National Convention? Well, before you board your plane and gas up the car, here are just a few quick reminders:

1) Get QuickPass Registered to win $100,000 in Travel Giveaways!– if you have not already registered for QuickPass, be sure to do so as you must be registered in order to participate in the drawings!

It’s easy, convenient and it’s free! Just log in to your back office and select the “EVENTS” tab, click on QuickPass, and complete the registration form.

  • You do not need to have text messaging on your phone as all winners will be announced from stage, via text messaging and your name will be seen on the video monitors at the Convention Center.

2) Tell Us Your Story – Throughout the weekend we will be asking anyone and everyone who wants to provide their testimonials to allow us to video them (and their spouse), and we encourage everyone throughout the weekend to “Tell Us Your Story”. Your testimonials may then be used in various marketing collateral or on our websites. We will ask for your information at the time of check-in at the National Convention and we look forward to hearing your story.

3) Pack your Jeans and Boots – Now, this is really important. The enthusiasm for these events is remarkable. We’re always amazed at the level of participation and creativity when we ask you to dress the part, so don’t be the only one not in character. Wear your best jeans, shiniest boots, biggest belt buckle and of course remember to bring your cowboy hats to the Texas Hoe-Down on Friday night! Whether you like armadillo racing, bull-riding (mechanical of course), or line-dancing with the pros – we promise you’ll have a ton of fun! So Y’all come on out and let us show you how a Texas Hoe-Down’s is really done! (Cash bar available)

4) Pack Your Bell Bottoms and Platform Shoes – and join us for the 70’s Disco Party! Saturday night is a night of groovin’ down in FunkyTown with 70’s music, clothes and dance moves. So if you’re too young to remember the 70’s ask one of your elders. And if you’re too old to remember, show up anyway and have lots of fun with us! Tease your hair, get out your widest bell bottoms, put on your tallest platform shoes, and get on that dance floor and bust out with those groovy moves! (Cash bar available)

5) Bring an extra suitcase – to carry home all your new sales aids and Convention items that will be sold at the store. Check out all the new, fun and exciting sales aids and promotional items to you grow your business. Get to the store early as some items will be available at Convention only and you won’t want to miss out.

6) Corporate Office Tours – If you are interested in taking a tour of the Corporate Office, be sure to register in the back office before you leave.

And most important of all, remember to get ready to have an entire weekend of fun, inspiration, recognition, learning and you’ll go home with a 90-day game plan that will help to increase your income immediately! We look forward to seeing each and every one of you at the 2009 National Convention!

March 3, 2009 / worldventuresblog

Nancy Lieberman to Speak at WorldVentures National Convention

Here’s just one more reason to attend Convention this year… basketball Hall of Famer Nancy Lieberman, a two-time Olympian, former WNBA player and coach, and ESPN broadcaster will be speaking at the WorldVentures National Convention! Nancy, a native of Queens, NY, forged a basketball career out of sheer grit and determination—two traits that helped her become one of Basketball’s most respected figures and which have helped her in building her WorldVentures business.

Over the past decade, Nancy has worked tirelessly to spread a universal message of potential and prosperity; making her partnership with WorldVentures particularly harmonious. She’ll be on hand next weekend in Dallas to share a message of encouragement and inspiration that you do NOT want to miss.

February 25, 2009 / worldventuresblog

5 Things You Need to Know

February is almost over and that means the 2009 National Convention is only mere weeks away! To make sure we’re all on the same, we wanted to highlight 5 juicy nuggets of information that might have slipped past you. Here they are:

1) We’re Giving Away $100,000 in Vacations – Seriously. And $70,000 of that can be yours, simply by showing up. It’s the biggest promotion we’ve ever done for the biggest event we’ve ever done! And just to make it really easy to understand, we’ve put it all on a handy, full-color $100,000 Great Vacation Giveaway Flyer.

2) There’s a Golf Tournament on Thursday – CEO Mike Conway has opened up the doors at his country club for the 3rd Annual WorldVentures Golf Tournament Thursday, March 12th, and it’s going to be a blast. We just updated the form, which you can find here. It will be up on the Convention website tomorrow. Golf with the founders and the execs for an afternoon? What’s holding you back?

3) There are TWO Unbelievable Parties Planned – Friday night is an all out Wild Wild West Hoedown with live country music, armadillo races, line dancing, two-stepping, and a mechanical bull. So y’all bring your jeans, boots, and pearl snap shirt and get ready to boot scoot the night away, Texas style! Then, on SATURDAY, we’re capping off an unforgettable weekend with a blow-out 70s Celebration. A live Disco band will keep the the groovy tunes going all night, so dust off your bell bottoms, mini skirts, platform shoes, and big hair, and come on down to funky town. It’s all part of the Convention, so everyone’s going to be there!

4) The $199 Pricing Ends on Saturday at Midnight – We need to start getting a final count, so to help you make a decision sooner rather than later, the $199 pricing ends on Saturday! After that, you’ll still be able to register online, but you’ll be charged the $259 walk up pricing. However, new Reps will still be able to take advantage of the special $159 pricing within their first two weeks of enrollment. But don’t delay!

5) Travel Arrangements – We suggest arriving on Thursday afternoon to get checked in (and take advantage of all the welcome activities on hand at the Convention Center). However, you’ll want an early Thursday arrival if you’re planning to golf with us. Then, there are no officially scheduled Sunday activities, so we recommend planning on a Sunday mid-afternoon departure. That way you can grab brunch with your team and get a little extra sleep before you get on the road. We’ve made a lot of updates to the WorldVentures 2009 Convention Website in the last week and there will be new content updated all week, so keep checking back!

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